GEA ElbaPacker

The GEA way to pack your Sugar cubes

The Elbapacker is the flexible solution to pack your cubes into the boxes. Where the variation has the highest demands, GEA has developed a unique concept, where maximum flexibility is combined with minimum changeover times. Due to the smart controls of the machine, al product are saved under a receipt, setting the line to the product your customer needs, producing with a same high quality as the previous delivery. Next to the production feature, the Elbapacker is constructed in a way that there is maximum access for operation and cleaning of the Elbapacker.

The smart controls of the Elbapacker


The ElbaPacker can pack your cubes into boxes as from 200 grams up to 2000 grams. The use of modern materials and smart solutions lead to a flexible high capacity solution for Sugarcube product. Electronic line synchronisations allow you to use endless combinations inside one machine. 

The smart controls of the Elbapacker allow your operation team to diagnose the bottlenecks in your production process, giving your operation team the possibility to optimize the line performance without the diagnostics of expensive staff members. Via the internet remote assistance can be offered to diagnose the GEA Sugarcube station, as well as observing the performance figures of your GEA Sugarcube station from home, of course via secured internet connection. Even your maintenance team will be notified, in the case you GEA Sugarcube station is scheduled to have its maintenance intervention.

Designed to meet all your packaging requirements, the ElbaPacker can fill up to seven 200 to 1000 g boxes at a time, and operates in complete electronic synchronisation with the ElbaCuber. Once the cubes have been formed and dried, a series of servo motor powered suction heads delicately lifts the blocks of sugar cubes and places them into the waiting boxes. A servo motor powered 3-stage carrousel then transfers the boxes to their respective infeed, filling and discharge positions.


Box filling, forming and closing


Added Value, your benefits: 

  • Flexibility, giving you a quick response to your clients request.
  • Various box solutions are possible, allowing you to produce the luxury and bulk product on one line.
  • Various products on one line, one investment for al the desired products, reduction of your investment.
  • Smart controls, maximize the performance of your GEA Sugarcube station.
  • Smart controls, automatic line start and automatic line stops when needed, minimum downtime low operational cost. 

The box filling machine has been designed for the ranged packing of cubes into boxes. This unit operates in complete electronic synchronisation with the cube making unit. A 3-stage vertical elevator enables a reliable transfer of the boxes to the infeed-, filling- and discharge position. 

Performance Values

  • High capacity
  • Various box styles
  • Short change-over times
  • The automatic production lines can be completed with box forming and closing equipment


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