A longstanding exhibitor at the event and a well-known brand in India, GEA is taking the opportunity of P-MEC India to display, for the first time in the country, its ConsiGma™-1 continuous manufacturing system. GEA has been developing CM solutions for several years and helping customers to develop, evaluate and optimise continuous processing techniques to enable them to bring new products to market faster and cheaper. At the heart of GEA’s CM solution is ConsiGma™, a multipurpose platform that has been designed to transfer powder into coated tablets in development, pilot, clinical and production volumes in a single compact unit.

GEA Highlights at P-MEC India: On-Demand Drug Production and Operator Welfare

The ConsiGma™-1, designed for maximum flexibility and simplicity in early R&D and formulation development work, is capable of running batches of a few hundred grams up to 5 kg or more, with less than 10 g of product held up in the process and product losses of less than 80 g. Because of the fast processing times, minimal retention times and flexibility of the system, it is ideal for developing formula and process parameters using DoE, which can then be transferred to the full-scale ConsiGma™ wet granulation system. At the show, the laboratory scale ConsiGma™-1 unit will not only be on display, it will also be in operation, fitted with a PAT-compatible Lighthouse ProbeTM to monitor the drying process.

Offering maximal end-product safety using online quality control, faster R&D, less required space, lower labour costs, energy savings and 0.5–5.0% yield improvements, ConsiGma™ will revolutionise the way you develop and produce tablets forever.

One Step Closer to On-Demand Tablet Production

In other continuous news, GEA has recently announced a next-generation collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to further develop self-contained, POD-based mini-factories to produce pharmaceutical oral solid dosage (OSD) forms. This partnership expands on GEA’s existing alliance with Pfizer and G-CON Manufacturing to design a portable, continuous, miniature and modular (PCMM) prototype unit, which is currently being implemented at Pfizer’s labs in Groton (Connecticut, USA).

Conceived in conjunction with Pfizer and G-CON, the three companies formed a consortium to design and build an autonomous manufacturing environment for continuous OSD production using GEA’s ConsiGma™-25 equipment and G-CON’s modular POD system. This award-winning technology has the potential to transform the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and deliver customised quantities of medicines to patients in need, anywhere in the world, in a quick and efficient way.

Priority Number One: Operator Safety

With a more intense focus on health and safety, avoiding both operator exposure and preventing cross-contamination is critical. The BUCK® MC Lite DN100 from GEA is the first lightweight split butterfly valve for the contained transfer of highly potent solid dosage products. The BUCK® MC Lite portable actuator ring offers free orientation during docking, fast product changeovers and simple operation, and is designed for rapid disassembly. In addition, the same unit can be used to dock several different processes. On request, the hand lever can be configured in 45° increments to avoid interference with other equipment.

Offering the same functionality as the previous version and reducing the weight of the BUCK® MC to 3.3 kg, GEA has the health and welfare of your operators in mind, not to mention process optimisation and productivity.

Whether you need a single containment interface or a completely contained solid dosage facility, anywhere in the world, our experienced experts are available to provide advice and the solution that meets the specific needs of your application.

Cipla Technology On Display

Furthermore, a FlexStream™ multipurpose fluid bed processor from Mumbai-based global pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Cipla, will also be on display. Equipped with an integrated post-hoist blender, FlexStream™ overcomes many of the issues associated with traditional fluid bed processing, including scale-up, and highlights GEA’s highly contained materials handling capabilities for hormonal and potent or toxic product applications.

Navin Lakhanpaul, Vice President Asia Pacific, APC Pharma, commented: “P-MEC India is always an excellent show for us and we’re delighted to be back in Mumbai to participate and catch up with our Indian customers and clients. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is now truly global. With a strong presence and business interests in many overseas locations, including the US and Europe, India is fast becoming one of the major ‘pharmaceutical kitchens of the world,’ which makes it a key strategic focus for APC Pharma.”

“This increasingly global presence is fostering a strong culture of cross-fertilisation within the industry and it will only be a matter of time before new technology platforms such as GEA’s ConsiGmaTM continuous manufacturing platform and our innovative FlexStreamTM multipurpose processor are implemented in pharmerging regions such as India, particularly for highly potent oncology or hormone-based applications,” he continued.

“It’s also a very dynamic sector,” added Navin: “We’re seeing an increased focus on quality by design (QbD) and a strong drive to minimise manual and human error, which ties in very nicely with our automated solutions. Operator safety is absolutely critical to both GEA and the greater pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, not just in India but all over the world.”


GEA is widely recognised as a market leader in many fields of business. We are renowned for our experience, expertise and innovation and, invigorated by the dedication of our employees, we design, test and develop our core technologies to provide the widest range of solutions and after-sales service in the market. We work closely with our customers to develop new products, reduce time to market and enhance productivity with robust, flexible and cost-effective manufacturing solutions that maximise operational reliability and productivity.

And it’s not all business! As well as our expertise and equipment, we’re also well known for our customary hospitality. So, whether you’re an established customer, a brand new one or just looking to optimise your production with an innovative solution, you’ll be sure to receive a warm welcome.

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