Sweet, smooth, shiny, spicy or savoury.

Inspired on the GEA Aquarius 3D PopLine we have developed the GEA Aquarius Coating line. Next to the wish to diversify your lollipop shapes there is also the need to differentiate in tastes and appearance of the lollipop. With this modular coating line we give you the opportunity to do both and to add value by coating your lollipops.

A new line developed with customers and infinite possibilities

gea 3d coating line

Coatings can be used to add colour, texture, shine and flavour to lollipops and result in a unique product with excellent market potential. Next to applying fluid, powder or granulate which can be applied to a hard candy lollipop centre fillings such as bubble gum or chewy candy are also still possible. A chili coated lollipop may seem strange to European tastes, but hot spicy confectionery is extremely popular in Mexico. The development of this coating solution was initially triggered by a request of a European customer for a line to produce chocolate-coated lollipops. A little later, a meeting with a Mexican customer led to a discussion about coating lollipops with chili-powder, and the concept started to take shape. 

Interested customers are invited to our facility in Weert (the Netherlands), to run tests on our coating test installation, such as sweet coatings for example, caramel, syrup and caster sugar. The ideas extend to ground nuts, grated coconut, disco dip, sherbet and yoghurt. Sweet and sour combinations can be applied.  

Our Technology Center in Weert is a unique resource for customer  to 

  • Demonstrate with original product and film
  • Confirm capacity 
  • Test your different films 
  • Perform seal tests 
  • Configure best label solutions 
  • Train and instruct your operators/ maintenance team

Dedicated teams work in research and development, production and installation, together with product support and after sales service. All ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition.