Extractor FIC™ Extractor

High quality starts with high-quality extraction. The FIC™ Extractor performs 50% faster than conventional manual extraction methods, with high yield and a high level of quality.

Developed for Instant Coffee production, the FIC™ Extractor is a fully automated, continuous extraction system made up of eight percolator vessels operating in a flowing battery design. It can be operated in different modes to get the best - and the most - out of the coffee beans. With its flexibility, proven efficiency and superior aroma profile, it is applied by instant-coffee producers around the world.

Short extraction time - superior aroma profile

FIC extrator coffee 1200x675

The FIC™ extractor reduces the extraction time by 50%. Water is directed through the ground coffee in two stages resulting in two separate extract fractions, aroma and hydrolysis, which can be to be mixed to match specific requirements.

The FIC™ Extractor consists of a number of vertical percolator columns arranged in a battery. Each column or vessel is in turn filled with ground coffee beans, after which water of a predefined temperature is added. This process is, in principle, a batch process. By means of a valve manifold, the columns are inter-connected and thereby the extraction process becomes continuous and counter-current, which provides an excellent quality coffee extract where it is possible to control the yield and quality of the aroma fraction. The layout of the percolator columns gives a compact design and reduces space requirements as compared with standard battery extraction units. 



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