Our test center in the Netherlands

Crystallization Test Center

Our test center in the Netherlands

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Test your product in our test center


Our pilot plants are designed using the same principles as the commercial units and provide reliable operational data. The product is concentrated using the same process and results in the same quality without loss of solids or aromas. The test results provide all the information necessary for scale-up and design of a commercial installation. The concentrate produced can be used for lab flavor analysis or even small market studies. Our pilot units are mobile units and can be shipped directly to the production site ensuring optimum product handling for the freshest possible concentrate production. Our skilled supervisors will assist during the trial after a first training period. A test can also be done at our test facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


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GEA Messo PT has various freeze concentration pilot plants available for application development or sample production.

Example of typical test program

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For example, we can start with a typical citrus juice at 12°Brix feed and calculate the feed required to reach 48°Brix. After the initial fill we need to add another 280 kg of feed and at 10 kg/hour this requires just over one day to complete. Once at final product concentration we can continue in steady state operation to measure system parameters and produce additional product samples. At the end of the test another 50 kg of concentrated product is drained from the pilot plant. We provide a detailed test plan based on the feed properties and your production requirements.
Typical program, the product will be tested to determine the following: 

Demonstrate the freeze concentration process on this product. 
Demonstrate pure water discharge and produce samples to determine product quality.
Determine maximum concentration factor of the product.
Determine design parameters for commercial system.


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GEA has several pilot units available to demonstrate the feasibility of our crystallization process on a wide range of chemicals.

Pilot units

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High purity product and low energy consumption are key properties of the melt crystallization process. The efficiency of chemical purification operations can be increased through crystallization. GEA has several pilot units available to demonstrate the feasibility of our crystallization process on a wide range of chemicals. Some successful applications with melting points from -45°C to over 130°C include:

L-Lactide and ethyl lactate
Phosphoric acid
p-Xylene and many others..

The standard pilot plant for new applications of melt crystallization. The W6-C is suitable for all chemical applications with melting points from +150°C to -60°C. Test work can be completed at GEA's chemical applications premises in The Netherlands or if required, the unit can be shipped anywhere in the world. The unit is completely self-contained, requires only standard utilities (electricity, compressed air and cooling water), explosion proof (ATEX II3G IIB T2) and can therefore, be installed in most industrial locations.

Our standard freeze concentration unit but used exclusively for the chemical waste water applications. This unit is configured for applications with industrial waste water. Chemical waste water may be difficult to ship to us as it is typically considered a hazardous product. This skid unit is also self-contained and can be easily installed on-site in just a few hours. It includes options to allow testing different equipment configurations. The data collected from a test run can be used to accurately design a full scale industrial unit.

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