Will it be a scoop of ice cream in a cup or in a cone? And what about a whole whirlpool full of ice cream?! Looking at these pictures, you might just think first of all about surreal scenery from the children’s book and film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you look a little closer, though, the pictures turn out to show the attempt at a record by the dairy company CHOOPAN ICE CREAM.

The world's largest ice cream tub? GEA compressor involved in the attempt to create a new Guinness world record

Ice Cream

During summer time, people enjoy eating refreshing ice cream. Within one year, the Germans for example consume an average of 8 liters of ice cream. Compared to the latest project of an Iranian confectioner, this volume of ice cream seems to be very small!

In April 2013, the Iranian dairy company CHOOPAN ICE CREAM unveiled a 5-ton tub (11023 lbs) of chocolate ice cream in Tehran, Iran. Over 20,000 spectators came to the ceremony north of Tehran, in order to see the giant tub and taste the chocolate ice cream.

Semi-hermetic GEA compressor for transport refrigeration

Semi-Hermetic GEA Compressor Used for Transport Refrigeration

With a measurement of 1.6 meters (5 feet) by 2 meters (7 feet), the tub tried to set the new Guinness world record for the largest ice cream tub. The official confirmation for this is still outstanding. All in all, it took 8 hours to fill the tub with the ice cream.

MEHRAN SARD Company, a producer of different refrigerators and cold storages in Western Asia, designed and produced a special refrigerated truck, in which the ice cream tub was loaded and presented during the ceremony.

A semi-hermetic GEA HG34 compressor helped to ensure that the ice cream did not melt in the refrigerated truck and the spectators could eat delicious ice cream.