Vaccines are among the 20th century’s most successful and cost-effective public health tools for the prevention of disease, disability and death. Vaccination not only protects individuals, but also entire communities from diseases spread by person-to-person transmission. Fuelled by new product introductions and rising usage in many regions around the world, the global market for vaccines has experienced strong growth in recent years, particularly in Asia.

Whooping Cough Solution for Beijing Biotech Company

Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co. Ltd (Tiantan Bio) operates as a subsidiary of the National Vaccine and Serum Institute (NVSI) and is primarily engaged in the research, development and production of bacterial and viral vaccines, blood derivatives, diagnostic reagents and various biopharmaceutical products.

Needing a new fermentation system, the company contacted GEA. After several site visits and a period of close collaboration, a quote was prepared that resulted in Tiantan Bio ordering a fermentation system from GEA in Germany. Detail engineering work soon began: the system comprises two seed fermenters (50 and 500 L), two 5000 L production fermenters and a CIP-system.   

Vaccine Production Expertise

Now installed and operational, Tiantan can add Acellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine Adsorbed to its portfolio of products and help a multitude of people to live better, safer and healthier lives.