Environmentally friendly and efficient work during broadcasting - thanks to thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps with semi-hermetic GEA compressors, nothing is left to chance at the German broadcaster Südwestrundfunk in Baden-Baden, Southern Germany. A continual and simultaneous requirement for heat and air conditioning is ensured.

Broadcaster relies on a heat pump with transcritical GEA HG34 CO2 T compressors

Highest Concentration during Work at the German Broadcaster

The highest level of concentration is required in the planning and production of TV and radio programs! This means that the various administration, production and data center buildings of the broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR) in Baden-Baden need to be heated even in summer, and similarly must be air conditioned even in winter.

A continual and simultaneous requirement for heat and cooling is required. The different buildings are supplied with heat and air conditioning from a network across the facility.

A thermeco2 HHR 360 heat pump, with a total of four transcritical GEA HG34 CO2 T compressors, ensures that the existing temperatures in the heating and cooling network can be simultaneously guaranteed to the broadcasting company in Baden-Baden. 

Thanks to the transcritical process, it is possible by means of a single-stage heat pump to transport heat from an air conditioning cold water network to a high-temperature heating network (principle of heat recovery or combined heating and cooling).

This makes it possible to generate cooling with heat recovery at a high temperature level. 

The cooling or heating output of the heat pump is regulated in four stages by means of switching the four compressors on and off. It is also possible to alter the output of a compressor in seamless increments. The output level of the machine is regulated according to the cooling load (cold water temperatures at the distributor).

The compressors work with the natural and environmentally friendly R744 refrigerant (CO2), which can also be used in future without limitations - for example under the F-Gas Regulations - due to its low greenhouse gas potential (Global Warming Potential GWP = 1). 

The main technical data of the high-temperature heat pump:

  • Heat output: 311 kW at 80 / 40 °C, can be regulated in seamless increments
  • Cooling output: 200 kW at 12 / 6 °C
  • Electrical power consumption: 111 kW
  • COP for combined heat and cooling: 4.6
  • CO2 emission saving: 45 %
  • Reduction of heating costs: 34 % (based on the heating energy of the heat pump)