Cocktails, long drinks, quesadillas, fajitas, burgers - guests at Sausalitos in the centre of Stuttgart, Germany, can feast on the widest range of drinks and specialities from its Mexican-Californian cuisine! In order to provide optimum food and beverage cooling in this Stuttgart bar, there are a total of ten cooling positions with an overall refrigerating capacity of six kilowatts.

GEA compressor responsible for cooling processes in cold storage cells, bottle chill cabinets and the kitchen

GEA HG12P Compressor Responsible for Beverage and Food Cooling in the Stuttgart Sausalitos Bar

Throughout Germany there are in total 26 Sausalitos branches, which are all named after the Sausalito district in San Francisco. The Californian lifestyle, which is typical of this district, has become the philosophy of all Sausalitos branches: apart from a good atmosphere and relaxed ambience, it is above all the easy-going partying among many different cultures that comes to the fore.      

In addition to an extensive restaurant area with an open kitchen, there is also a bar area in the Sausalitos in Stuttgart, which offers an invitation for relaxed celebration and switching off from daily routine. At weekends there is a DJ, who provides a high-spirited atmosphere for the “party crowd”.

A total of ten chill units with an overall refrigerating capacity of six kilowatts ensures optimum food and beverage cooling in this Stuttgart bar. These comprise three cold storage cells, three chilled work surfaces in the kitchen, three chill units for drinks (bottle chill cabinets) and a circulating cooler for beer (pump system).

The company GÜNTHER KÄLTETECHNIK GmbH responsible for the installation of the refrigerating plant relies on a semi-hermetic GEA HGX12P/110-4 S compressor with EFC system.

Thanks to this plug & play solution for the speed control of the compressor (EFC system), it is possible to achieve an energy-saving potential of 25 % and more with direct compression control. The former German Environment Minister, Dr Norbert Röttgen, awarded a prize for technical advancement to the EFC system in December 2009.

The refrigerating plant at Sausalitos in Stuttgart is operated with the refrigerant R404A. The ideal evaporation temperature is -8°C, and the liquefaction temperature +40°C.