Family-owned brewery with a long history placed an order with GEA to supply an automatic batch cleaning system to support the existing CIP equipment.

CIP System Cold Process Area

In the shadow of the monastery, between the monastery‘s pond and a small river, the Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle is situated – one of the oldest breweries and the only family-run brewery of this size in the federal state of Brandenburg. According to the monks‘ ancient art of brewing, more than 30 unique beer specialties are produced in the historic brick building and sold all over the world. 

The Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle ordered an automatic batch CIP system from GEA. The CIP equipment in the unfiltrate and filtrate area will be supported by the new GEA CIP system.

Our innovative CIP plant is equipped with three pre-run traverses, two hot and one cold pre-run traverse for pipe cleaning (including filler, flash pasteurizer and keg), the bright beer tank cellar and a special circuit for premix, mixer and siphon. When planning the CIP tank volumes, it was put into consideration that a medium is used simultaneously by all three CIP circuits, this means it is used in parallel cleaning processes. This leads to significant time and cost savings in the production process.

The brewery‘s new CIP plant has four tanks. To heat up the CIP media, highly efficient vertical tubular heat exchangers, type VARITUBE® HS, from GEA are used. Safe media separation is realized by GEA double seat valves and double seal valves. Further process components for pumps, measuring and control equipment, concentrate dosing and energy supply are provided by renowned sub suppliers.

When this CIP equipment from GEA Brewery Systems was put into operation in autumn 2011, it meant for the customer:
“Safe and efficient cleaning”