Celebrating GEA Pharma China’s first overseas project, the company has installed a formulation process system in JW Life Science’s Dangjin facility to produce TPN products

Total parenteral nutrition

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JW Life Science’s Dangjin facility

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is a method of feeding patients that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract by infusing specially formulated food through a vein (intravenously). People whose digestive systems either can’t absorb or tolerate food delivered through the mouth use parenteral nutrition to provide most of the nutrients the body needs.
JW Life Science (JW) is a leading Korean pharmaceutical company that specializes in infusion solutions. With years of experience and a global reach, JW is involved in every aspect of the TPN process, from the development of container materials and products — such as functional and high-value-added nutrient solutions — to production. 

High-value project

CIP skid equipment

Wishing to expand its production capabilities, JW contacted GEA. After a year of discussion to define the scope of supply, a contract was signed to deliver 11 core process skids, one CIP skid and one GEA homogenizer. With a long history of implementing both food and pharma plant, GEA was more than qualified to provide the right level of technology and equipment.
To reduce the project timeline, the skids were built and pre-assembled before being sent to Korea for on-site installation. This not only accelerated the commissioning process, it also reduced construction costs and minimized the risk potential.

The project was particularly noteworthy because, in accordance with JW’s global vision, the design, manufacture, installation, documentation and validation of the project are completely GMP- and FDA-compliant. The formulation system, including GEA’s homogenizer, is fully integrated, reducing the project management interface.
Furthermore, the automation system offers full redundancy to minimize failure rates and improve production safety, and can be interfaced with JW’s MES system to form a unified production formula and order mode.

Impressive results

Delivered in record time, advanced project management, fluent bilingual communication and excellent teamwork all played an important role. GEA China has more than 15 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical formulations and benefits from both international project experience and specialized training.
Like many other customers, JW recognized that whatever the application — whether food, pharma or even a combination of the two — GEA has the technology, the know-how and the global presence to provide the perfect blend of equipment, expertise and guidance to meet those requirements.