Hochtief Solutions is strengthening its leading position in the market for offshore wind power installations with the expansion of its fleet of special vessels. The German construction group has engaged the Polish Crist shipyard to build a further jack-up barge, the Vidar, for establishing offshore wind power installations. On board for the first time: a BallastMaster ultraV ballast water treatment installation from GEA which uses filtration and UVC treatment to guarantee a high degree of disinfection safety.

Efficient ballast water treatment on special vessel of Hochtief for offshore wind farms

The BallastMaster ultraV operates with low energy and operating costs, does not require any chemicals and is thus suitable for being installed in new vessels and also retrofitted in existing ones. The ballast water system used on the Vidar has a capacity of 500 cubic metres per hour. The system has BSH type approval according to IMO MEPC. 174(58). GEA has already received further orders for the BallastMaster ultraV. In advance, Hochtief had already placed orders for a total of five compact units with five separators of the type OSE 10 for treating diesel oil and lube oil for the Vidar.