Like many companies involved in the manufacture of personal care products, reducing batch-processing times is a key strategic objective. A well-known producer of oral care solutions and toothpaste came to GEA to solve this particular problem.

Not only was time an issue, the process needed to be scaled-up from R&D to commercial scale, existing assets had to be used to limit further investment and both pre-mixing and pre-batching techniques had to be incorporated.

With a history of expertise in similar applications and a wealth of experience, GEA was able to supply both the know-how and the technology — and provide a solution. Key results included reducing the cleaning frequency from weekly to fortnightly and decreasing the clean-in-place (CIP) cycle time by a factor of 3. Most notably, however, batch-processing times were significantly reduced from 90 to 40 minutes, resulting in significant energy savings per annum.