For Noberasco, a leading producer of dried fruits packaged without preservatives, the bag quality, seal integrity and packaging speed are crucial. So when selecting a preferred supplier for vertical form, fill and seal machines, the company set very demanding requirements. The GEA SmartPacker was selected on the basis of its consistent operational performance and the support provided by GEA.

Becoming the reference supplier in Europe

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Noberasco owes its leadership in the dried fruits and nuts sector to the attention it pays to quality in the production chain. Noberasco receives raw materials from all over the world that processes and packages with an innovative pasteurization system for fruits and vegetables among which apricots, plums, figs, dates, grape, tomatoes and vegetables mix. As the market leader in Italy, Noberasco aims to become the reference supplier in Europe. The company is dynamic, innovative and effective in building relationships with customers and consumers. Having built up expertise during a century of activity, the strategy for the next 100 years is to make fruit consumption possible long after harvest without affecting nutritional and health values. Noberasco is committed to continuously improving the quality and preserving the naturalness of its products.

“GEA SmartPackers are our vertical packaging machines of choice”

Creating new consumption opportunities

Site Director for Noberasco Davide Cammi says, “We create new consumption opportunities and to do so, we use signals from the market. Our customers can choose the dried fruit that most meets their needs from over 100 of the best types from every corner of the world. We guarantee that our products are selected and prepared with unparalleled accuracy and care.” The company has an annual turnover of 85 million Euro, employs 110 People and supplies Italian supermarkets Coop, Conad and Esselunga as well as Lidl, Aldi, Carrefour and Rewe Germany - Rewe Austria. The Noberasco brand accounts for 40% of the production while the remaining 60% is private label. Noberasco also has three exclusive shops in Italy that only sell Noberasco product.

When selecting a preferred supplier for its line vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines, Noberasco looked closely at speed, quality and ease of control. The company packages products without preservatives making the quality of the bag and the seal integrity absolutely critical. During the selection process, GEA proved the quoted speed of its GEA SmartPackers consistently equaled the requested speed from Noberasco. The GEA Line packages soft fruit in pillow bags at 125 to 130 packs per minute (ppm) for the 125 gram size and 110 ppm for 250 gram packs. Noberasco also runs GEA SmartPackers with Quatroseal bags at a speed of 65 ppm. To be able to produce high quality products without preservatives, Noberasco has developed exclusive production technologies that are unique in the sector and applies a wide range of evolved technical packs. Production runs two shifts per day, five days per week, and between 150,000 and 250,000 packs go out every day from both horizontal and vertical packaging lines.