Having successfully collaborated with a world-renowned consumer goods company in early 2013 to expand their production capacity for personal care products and supply equipment and expertise for three new plants, GEA was once again asked for help and commissioned to supply an additional fourth mixer plant.

As the result of the close working relationships that were developed and GEA’s long history of experience and know-how in the home and personal care market, including the supply of valves and pigging systems, the new mixer plants are fully functional and able to manufacture high volume hair and skin products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, heavy creams and hair styling products. All four plants employ a similar standard modular design, based on established GEA principles, but have been adapted to meet specific site and recipe requirements. 

Key factors that contributed to GEA winning the contract were its proven expertise in successfully globally providing application-specific mixer plants in the past for the company, and the guarantee of increased productivity, greater flexibility and security of outcome. Efficiency and excellent service also played a role: with tight deadlines to meet, space constraints and hygiene requirements to comply with, GEA pulled out all the stops and was able to complete the first three plants in the time it would normally take to finish just one.

On completion of the multimillion Euro project, the delighted client noted that the increased production capacity would be a huge benefit and allow them to manufacture more products using more recipes in less time.