Looking to increase both its production capacity and quality with low cost equipment units, a contract manufacturer of soaps and gels had set its sights on producing personal care products for top-tier manufacturing companies and major retailers.

GEA’s challenge was to upgrading the company’s basic bulk handling, automated batching and washing procedures to “world class” level. Not only that, existing assets were to be re-utilized to limit further investment.

As a global supplier of equipment, modules and complete lines, and with a long history of innovation, GEA was able to provide a solution. By reducing cleaning times from 1 day to 2 hours, effluent output was decreased by 30%, saving both time and money. Further, batch-processing times were reduced from 7 to 4 hours using existing mixers. And, most importantly, the company’s key objective was achieved: just 9 months after signing the project contract with GEA, it received its first order from a major retailer.