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For the last three decades industrial biotechnology has seen stunning advances earlier generations could not have envisaged. But we are still only at the beginning of the White Biotech revolution, one that will change the face of production industries forever. New bioeconomical solutions for energy, chemical production, bioplastics and pharmacy are on their way in to set new standards in mass production. Just in time, as the corresponding demands for a sustainable global economy have moved into the social spotlight worldwide.


White Biotech – industrial production of the future


GEA combines competence in process technologies for production, purification and concentration steps like:

  • Fermentation
  • Biomass Separation by Centrifuges or Membrane Filtration
  • Product isolation and purification by distillation, melt crystallization or membrane filtration
  • Concentration by evaporation
  • Crystallization and drying of the final product
  • Concentration and drying of byproducts by evaporation and drying

with experience in project design and project management for large industrial plants to offer integrated solutions and even complete processing lines for the biochemical industries.

From the upstream and fermentation process stage to numerous special applications in the decisive downstream phases, GEA combines expertise and ready-to-work, future-oriented solutions that will make system users reach their goals. Both leading expertise and leading technology solutions from GEA are available around the world. 

GEA is one of the largest system providers of machines and process technology worldwide, a market and technology leader in about 90 percent of its business areas. 

GEA has companies and service contacts in every world region, many of them specialists in White Biotech. The strong corporate and financial resources in the GEA Group mean that any investment in GEA technology will take place with absolute reliability of delivery and future service ensured.

GEA specialists work hand in hand to make solution shortcuts and functional benefits possible that can not be obtained from separate providers.

  • Future-oriented biotech systems competence
  • Specialists working hand in hand for maximum process benefits
  • Customized White Biotech engineering and solutions worldwide
  • Test centers for testing single process steps or process combinations at GEA or customer sites


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