Sustainable Lines

Best energy consumption figures with our system solutions

Increasingly, we are all facing rising energy costs, stricter environmental regulations or even taxes on energy or emissions. There are many ways to address the rising costs in the field of energy management and environmental technology. With consistent and structured optimization of brewing technology and plant equipment it is possible to cut energy costs and meet legal requirements in a commercially viable manner. Each energy management project begins with an assessment of the current state of the brewery with respect to energy and material flows.

Go sustainable ways with GEA

Our experience shows that there is great potential for optimization particularly in the brewhouse, which is the biggest energy consumer in the brewery accounting for 40 % of energy usage. We determine all relevant specific consumption figures in every section of the brewery to form the basis of our concept for the optimization of the processes and the associated equipment.

We assess exactly what has to be done to cut energy consumption and costs, to reduce water consumption and waste water production and to decrease emissions! Of course, economic efficiency calculations are also taken into account but in all our optimization efforts the quality of the beer is always the number one priority.

Our program includes:
• Technological consulting
• Energy technology and management
• Refrigeration and heat technology
• Fresh and waste water solutions
• Process control technology incl. data acquisition
• Measurement and control technology
• Project management with cost control

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