Solutions for Flavor Manufacturing

GEA has developed complete solutions for the end-to-end manufacture of flavor ingredients, whatever the process, ingredients or recipe. Our precision-engineered components and machines are designed to work perfectly together so you can reliably and consistently manufacture products that call for even the most complicated recipes and processes.

Berry powder

Whether your plant produces just a few different ingredients, or manufactures hundreds of different flavors on the same machinery, GEA solutions are configured so that every operating parameter is precisely controlled, from ingredients handling, to mixing, homogenization, and spray drying, right through to packaging. Our customers can be confident of the highest quality, repeatable processing, every batch.

Options for formulation and emulsification

GEA High Shear Batch Mixer

Mixing is a critical stage in flavor processing that can impact on the consistency and quality of the finished product. GEA’s BATCH FORMULA® Mixers and high-pressure homogenizers have been developed to produce the highest quality emulsions without harming key ingredients. Our systems gently blend fragile particles, and create reduced oil droplet sizes to ensure stable, consistent emulsion formation. 

The BATCH FORMULA®  features complete drainage, to minimize loss and ensure minimal downtime between product change-over. Integrated process control technology monitors key process parameters to guarantee that process specifications are met, so there is no variation in the process, or in the product.  

State-of-the-art spray drying and agglomeration

GEA Spray Dryer

The FSD® spray dryer from GEA comprises a multi-stage dryer with integrated fluid bed, so drying and agglomeration are carried out in a single operation. Developed to process powders with highly defined characteristics, the system is ideally suited for drying heat-sensitive products such as flavors, and produces coarse, dustless, free-flowing powder particles with excellent water dispersibility. As with all GEA equipment, our spray drying technology features optimized CIP for effective cleaning and fast switching between products.

Versatile powder filling

Savory Flavors

GEA also offers powder filling systems that help to retain the finished product’s stability and integrity during storage and transport. Our flexible technologies can handle any throughput, and switch quickly between filling into different packaging formats, including bags, boxes and drums. High-accuracy on-head weighing minimizes product losses, and in-built dust control and optional wet or dry CIP reduces potential hazards and contamination.

Piping solutions

GEA has developed the Matrix piping concept to give customers versatile options for connecting all their processing equipment and systems. Configured using GEA’s hygienic valves, pumps and flow components, the Matrix piping platform provides flexibility for future upgrade or process expansion. Our pipework and valves are designed to eliminate dead areas, and are constructed with smooth internal surfaces to minimize product retention and make cleaning more efficient, which reduces costs and down time.

Cleaning-in-place (CIP)

All GEA processing systems are designed for optimum hygiene. We offer efficient product recovery and integrated CIP plants to minimize product loss and prevent flavor carry-over, speed cleaning and product change-over, and minimize the use of cleaning agents and water.

Process automation

GEA Process Automation

Our experts work with each customer to tailor the optimum automation system for all their processes. Process automation minimizes the need for manual supervision and reduces potential errors to ensure consistent, reliable and efficient processing of flavor ingredients. GEA offers tailored process automation solutions that range from basic process control to fully integrated, enterprise-wide networks with an MES (manufacturing execution system).


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