Smart Cooling Holds for Reefers

To ensure cargo arrives in the best possible condition, GEA has created a new refrigeration technology specially designed for reefer vessels to save costs and work on an improved carbon footprint. GEA invented a revolutionary air distribution system that no longer requires traditional and expensive grating floors. By placing special coolers on one side of the cargo, cooled air is now better circulated through the cargo improving the preservability of goods and using less energy in the cooling process.

Smart Cooling Holds for Refeers

Cost Saving Solution

To ensure that your goods arrive in the best possible condition, we have created the perfect solution for your reefer ship cargo. With conventional reefer ships, air is distributed into the cargo holds via standard wooden or aluminum-grated floors. GEA, however, has invented an alternative air distribution system that no longer requires grated floors.

Special coolers are positioned on one side of the cargo. At the bottom of each cooler, small openings distribute cool air into the cooling holds. Cargo can be positioned on existing pallets without any adaptions to the existing floor.

The advantages of this system:

  • CFD files indicate that cooled air is circulated even better through the cargo vs. conventional grated floors, improving the preservability of goods;
  • No investment in heavy grated floors is required;
  • No replacement or repair is needed to damaged, existing grated floors;
  • By eliminating grated floors, the ship weighs less, resulting in lower fuel consumption;

Focus on Sustainability

Are you searching for sustainable solutions? GEA addresses the high demand for carbon-footprint-reducing solutions by helping customers phase out synthetic refrigerants and replace them with natural ones, like NH3 as a primary refrigerant and CaCl2 as secondary. 

Using NH3/CaCl2 for cooling purposes has two clear advantages: due to an optimized configuration with NH3/CaCl2, freezing temperatures can be lowered. This way, your power consumption is reduced and at the same time you reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, we offer heat recovery solutions that both lower energy consumption and help the environment.


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