Small-scale LNG Solutions


GEA leverages its deep technical expertise in compression and refrigeration to bring solutions to customers the LNG space.

Global backdrop

As energy experts agree on the central role which natural gas will play in a lower-carbon future, the demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions is growing and diversifying. In the immediate term, countries seeking to plug energy deficits with relatively secure supply are looking at LNG as a direct solution, bypassing the policy complications of transnational gas pipelines and the geopolitical sensitivity of arterial transit routes. 

Safe, efficient and profit-enhancing solutions

GEA modules of LNG trains

With two decades of relevant product and service delivery references, GEA’s LNG team is focused on delivering:  

  • Compact, preassembled modular designs which can be deployed without delays or superfluous costs
  • Customer solutions which deliver the primary objectives of process simplicity, safety, easy operation, low cost and plant reliability.

These solutions include small-scale liquefaction plants, with a capacity up to 1 mtpa (million tonnes per annum). 

Optimized for scale

GEA Scope of supply

GEA has developed a solution for LNG which is optimized for liquefaction at 1 mtpa, approximately 10% of a typical base load liquefaction plant. The mixed refrigerant process, which is also thermodynamically efficient, involves the following: 

  • Cooling of natural gas (NG) with a blend of refrigerants (Light HC and nitrogen) 
  • GEA oil-injected compressor technology
  • The ability to optimize energy and heat exchangers 
  • A reduced number of compressors. 

GEA engineers uphold the commitment to flexibility, customizing each solution to customer requirements in the areas of: 

  • Compressor technology
  • Water and utility consumption 
  • Capital costs
  • Plot requirements (onshore/offshore) 

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