Pizza topping line

Accurate and uniform depositing of tomato sauce and toppings is key to processing the highest quality pizzas. GEA offers a range of modular and flexible units for topping any shape or size of target-topped or waterfall-topped pizzas. GEA technology will ensure perfectly loaded American- or thinner Italian-style pizzas for the whole family to enjoy.

Pizza topping line
Pizza toping line

Our modular machines are designed to be incorporated into the high-capacity, LFP pizza topping system, which includes individual units that can be moved along the production line to deposit different ingredients on pizza bases, in the desired sequence. Highly automated, the versatile LFP system can be configured easily to switch between product shapes and sizes, and can be supplied with product recovery conveyors to minimize waste. 

A range of ingredients depositing units is available.

The CSP system with volumetric cylinders can accurately deposit tomato sauce with small particles, and features a spreading unit that uses rotating brush devices to give the effect of hand-spread tomato sauce. 

The DSP model spray depositor with volumetric cylinders precisely distributes filtered tomato sauce over pizza bases as they move along the conveyor. Ideally suited for high production speeds, the unit is ideal for depositing on irregular or unusually shaped pizzas. 

The DAP model depositor for adding diced toppings uses motorized finger devices to distribute a layer of ingredients including cheese, meat and vegetables on top of the tomato layer. The toppings can be deposited either over the whole base, or using a mask to create a free edge.

After processing, pizzas can be conveyed to the GEA freezing spiral to capture and retain all the flavor. 

GEA develops technologies that are versatile, reliable and sustainable. Designed to be user friendly and to switch easily between products, all our depositors are constructed from food-grade materials and stainless steel, and are configured for fast cleaning to minimize manual tasks and down time.

GEA can configure a pizza topping line to match any final product requirement or throughput. Our customers also have the option for flexible service packages. GEA engineers maintain, optimize and upgrade GEA machines and production lines to ensure that our technologies continue to provide top process efficiency, reliability and sustainability for the lifespan of every piece of equipment.


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