Pie production lines

GEA offers a highly versatile family of industry-leading pie-making systems and auxiliary machines and equipment that will integrate seamlessly into an existing plant. Our technology specialists and engineers can tailor processing lines for new products and recipes, or customize components and systems to upgrade existing machinery, increase automation, or to boost efficiency, throughput and production capacity.

Pie production lines
Pie production lines

From compact, space-saving machines for making pies and tarts, to the highest capacity industrial production units, GEA offers configurable machines that can process just about any type, size or shape of pie, tart, quiche and cheesecake base. 

The Tartomatic model is the most compact of our pie making systems, and is easily customized to produce a wide variety of products, including traditional and unusually shaped pies, quiches and tarts. The alternative Minitart machine is also compact and space saving, but can operate at a higher production capacity than the Tartomatic. The Minitart can also manage baking trays to facilitate product handling during baking and decorating. The systems feature GEA volumetric extruders and blocking systems with pneumatic compensation, to guarantee gentle and accurate dough handling and depositing, together with consistent and precise blocking.

For the highest production capacities and guaranteed performance, look to the versatile industrial-scale LTT and LTF systems for producing perfectly shaped pies on baking trays, or in foils.

Add a biscuit crumb extruder, lid and lattice moulder, and cream and jam depositor to any of our models, for making cheesecake bases and lidded pies and tarts.

State-of-the-art GEA ovens feature sophisticated control software to ensure perfect baking. Even heat distribution across each oven zone means that every product develops exactly the right color during baking, while recipe storage systems make it quick and easy to switch between one baking profile to another.

To optimize automation and reduce down time GEA offers fast, efficient denesters for the placement of pie foils. Our depanners gently turn out pies from their baking trays. GEA also provides space-saving cooling towers, along with conveyors and freezing spirals, and packaging systems.

GEA develops technologies that are versatile, robust, reliable and sustainable, to minimize resource use and waste. Innovative features include LTT system’s wash down line. All the electrical components and the drive system are placed high up on the machine to make it easier to clean down the machine and the working table.    

Our customers are also supported by world-leading service engineers who monitor, maintain, optimize and upgrade GEA systems and technologies so that product quality and process efficiency are kept at their optimum for the lifespan of the equipment, processing line or plant.


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