Pastry filling lines

GEA offers individually customized, high capacity systems for filling pastries including croissants, donuts or eclairs. We have developed highly precise and accurate volumetric cylinder injection that can be configured for integration into an existing production line, or form the basis of a complete line that spans dough leavening, baking, filling and decorating.

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Pastry filling lines

GEA has built on decades of expertise in the bakery sector to develop technologies that are ideally suited to horizontally or vertically filling pastries. The DI model horizontal multi-piston volumetric cylinder injector can handle fillings including jam, cream or chocolate at ambient or controlled temperatures, and can also inject two fillings into the same product, simultaneously. Designed to allow easy switching between products, the system can also be configured for applications including depositing icing onto eclairs at controlled temperatures. Each DI machine is tailor made to match every customer requirement, and the system can be integrated with robots for product loading and unloading.

The DPCI injector is constructed on a wheel-mounted, C-shaped frame that allows seamless integration into a process line for filling pastry products.  Featuring a vertically moving injection head and independent volumetric cylinders, the DPCI machine can be fitted with multiple rows of needles to increase capacity, and can be supplied with brushless motorization for high precision.

State-of-the-art ovens from GEA have been developed to guarantee even heat distribution across each oven zone, and feature user-friendly control and recipe control software to ensure perfect baking, and to speed switching between products. After baking, a GEA depanner system can increase automation and help to guarantee product quality by gently turning out pastries from trays and molds. 

GEA doesn’t just configure, sell and install machines. We offer our customers flexible service and maintenance packages through which our global engineers maintain, upgrade and optimize production lines, plants and machines. Our engineers can even monitor systems remotely, to make sure that our customers’ equipment continues to deliver top performance and efficiency, for its complete lifespan.


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