Packaging Lines

From raw bulk materials discharge to packaging finished product in the container of your choice — and every process in between — GEA can engineer, manufacture and install the most appropriate equipment

GEA delivers outstanding packaging solutions

GEA offers packaging lines for all beverages in any kind of containers

GEA has a tradition specializing in the field of packaging applications, offering a full design, manufacture, installation and start-up service in any part of the world. We can supply a wide range of processes, systems and technologies that provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to a number of industries.

GEA Packaging solutions stand out today in the market of packaging systems, thanks to our willingness and capability to understand and fulfill different customer needs, providing tailored – made solutions.

GEA is a manufacturer and integrator of packaging systems  for various containers such as bottles in PET, PP, PE and glass, kegs, glass jars, cans,  shrink-wraps, carton boxes, crates, trays.

GEA  offers  a complete range of primary and secondary packaging conveyors, horizontal and vertical pallet conveyors,  shuttles, bottle dividers, drying systems, palletizers and depalletizers for loose containers and cases. 
A packaging line is  a complete system that handles an empty container from a pallet or from the machine where it is produced  (for example a blow moulding machine in the case of a PET bottle) right through to the finished product ready for the end consumer.

In the beverage market GEA delivers packaging lines for beer, wine and spirits, juices, soft drinks, water and powdered beverage products managing the whole supply including labelers and shrink wrappers manufactured by proven and reliable partners.

Our expertise in packaging  technologies together with our knowledge and experience in layout design and engineering make us a highly competent partner.

Our skilled project-management teams will take your project smoothly through all phases – from the very beginning to completion and naturally, within the scheduled timeframe.


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