Olive Oil Recovery

For the best Olive Oils in the World

Since the 1930s, GEA has supported industrial production of olive oil. With innovative developments such as the environmentally friendly 2-phase system, we have set global standards for efficiency and profitability.

Solutions for all country-specific production methods

Olive oil discharge from polisher

Process lines need to meet different requirements depending on national traditions and sizes of the harvest. GEA supplies tailored solutions to support all production methods: whether batch or continuous, 2-phase or 3-phase processing. The ratio of washing and cleaning capacity to processing capacity can be individually adjusted according to specific requirements. Our services cover planning, engineering and process monitoring for plants for between 20 and 240 tons of olives per day. 

GEA supplies high-performance 2-phase or 3-phase decanters to support both methods. In every case, the result is maximum yield of premium quality product. However, the considerably lower consumption of fresh water makes the 2-phase system significantly more environmentally friendly.

Depending on the company and the sales structure, olive oil can be produced using a continuous method or a batch process. GEA has developed individual process lines to provide optimum support for both methods. The crucial difference lies in the number and dimensions of the malaxers. Relatively large series of malaxers are used in the continuous method, while for the batch process several small, independent malaxers are used in parallel. The major advantage of the GEA solution lies in the fact that the malaxers for a batch system can be individually heated. This means that the desired product quality can be reliably ensured in every single batch. In addition, there are no energy losses: if only one malaxer is in operation only this one malaxer is heated.

Partner for complete process lines

As a system partner, GEA supplies complete process lines from acceptance up to oil polishing. Because everything comes from the same partner, the systems are perfectly compatible. Production runs smoothly, reliably and quickly, from start to finish.

GEA supports the olive oil business with proven components for every step in the process and solutions for maximum yield and quality as well as minimum water consumption: 

  • Acceptance and cleaning
  • Milling
  • Malaxing (continuous or batch)
  • Separation with 2-phase and 3-phase decanters
  • Oil polishing
  • Prompt pomace treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Concentration of olive oil waste water