Nutritional Formula Plants

The right formula

Nutritional Formula requires the best in processing equipment to meet strict requirements to product quality and safety. As the world’s largest supplier of complete integrated Nutritional Formula plants, we have a thorough understanding of the forces defining this market and the requirements facing process and technology suppliers. To provide the individual customer with a tailored process solution, fully equipped for the specific purpose as well as the specific formula, we design the plant in close dialogue with our customers. Our expertise in technology, process design and engineering coupled with our insight into food and dairy processing make us a highly competent partner.

Dairy Processing NTF4 1200x675

From ingredients reception, storage and blending - whether dry or liquid ingredients - through to the evaporation, drying and packing of the finished product, every component in the plant is carefully designed to meet the highest standards in hygienic design.

• Designed to avoid product deposits and    contamination
• All materials are carefully selected with focus on their surfaces
• The best within cleaning technology

Moreover, all plants from GEA are constantly designed to increase operational efficiency through Overall Equipment Efficiency, waste minimisation and energy consumption. Efficiency is secured by several measures, including thorough optimisation of the complete production line in accordance with the spray dryer to utilize it in the best possible way while minimise downtime. Another key element is the reduction of total product loss throughout the plant; and here GEA is at the forefront with innovative solutions for maximising product recovery, minimising emissions and ensuring efficient cleaning. Minimum energy consumption is obtained through design, advanced process monitoring and control, and the use of energy recovery systems.

Our focus on project management – from the very commencement of a project to the plant is on stream according to schedule – not only ensures the alignment of all stakeholders throughout the project but also the avoidance of expensive mistakes. Our commitment will not stop with the handing over of the plant. A comprehensive service and plant upgrade programme is in place to guarantee plant performance and a long life of the plant.


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