Layer cake production lines

Imaginative layer cakes make the ideal centerpiece for a birthday or just for indulgence. GEA can tailor production lines that will fit in with existing plants, to process any size, shape or recipe of layer cake. From depositors and ovens, to sponge handling robots and decorating machines, we can configure efficient, reliable and user-friendly production lines and automation to offer the highest quality processing.

Layer cake production lines
Layer cake production lines

GEA has developed a dedicated system that offers the foundation for any layer cake production line. The technology is highly versatile, to handle any shape or size of sponge, a wide range of fluid or more viscous fillings and multiple layers and decoration.

GEA volumetric cylinder depositors ensure the highest accuracy and gentlest sponge mix dosing prior to baking, and ensure precise deposition of filling between the sponge layers. Capable of handling any type of batter, mix or filling, and for processing any shape or size of sponge, our systems can be provided with a range of quick-change and simultaneous-depositing heads, as well as options including heated hoppers and stirrers for depositing fillings at controlled temperatures. Servo-motors add to the precision and versatility, and cleaning-in-place systems make cleaning faster, more effective and more efficient.

GEA ovens will ensure that every sponge is baked to perfection. Independent heat distribution across the top, bottom and width of the oven guarantees uniform sponge height, color, texture and moisture content. The most efficient insulation and heat recovery options make our ovens energy efficient, and easy-to-use software makes switching between recipes and baking profiles quick.

GEA doesn’t just offer components and processing systems. We are renowned for our industry and sector expertise. At the GEA Bakery Experience Center our technicians work with customers to test out new recipes and processes on GEA equipment, and to help to improve existing processes.

And to make sure that all our customers’ equipment, production lines and plants continue to offer optimum performance for their entire lifespan, GEA offers flexible maintenance, service, upgrade and optimization packages. Our after-sales experts are available 24/7 for fast troubleshooting, and we can guarantee that all repairs and maintenance are carried out by expert engineers, either on site, or at our authorized repair centers, using only genuine parts.


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