Filling Lines

Advanced Solutions for Filling

GEA provides filling systems to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards for the beverage industry. For years, GEA has been the industry leader in manufacturing and supplying processing and packaging machines, from individual machines up to complete lines.

Maximum Productivity and Return on Investment

Close customer contact, combined with our experience with other beverage preparation equipment, gives us a unique understanding of the challenges you face.  We supply the total solution; from design and development, engineering, automation and technology to delivery, installation and commissioning of the complete filling line.

GEA's know-how and expertise gives you a head start by providing a total solution for beverages. For years, we have been involved in the installation of many complete filling lines in all corners of the world, all of which have been developed hand-in-hand with the customer.

As well as traditional filling lines for water and other soft drinks, we design, manufacture and install complete lines for filling sensitive products, such as milk, juices with or without pulp and fibers, or with chunks, or even with big pieces up to 10x10x10 mm and isotonic drinks, in aseptic conditions both in PET and HDPE.

From Traditional to Aseptic filling lines

GEA traditional filling lines can be used to fill water, soft drinks both still and carbonated and other beverages with preservatives in PET bottles in a non -controlled environment, the pipelines are cleaned, but not sterilized.
Aseptic filling machines can be used to fill shelf stable beverages both still and carbonated beverages at ambient temperature with no preservatives, by means of the product’s heat treatment and container sterilization, the treated beverages are filled in sterile containers within a microbiological isolator.
GEA can fill High Acid (HA) product (pH < 4,5) and Low Acid (LA) product (pH ≥ 4,5).

Talking about aseptic filling GEA offers different kinds of machines:

  • ABF (Aseptic Blow Fill) with preform sterilization by means of vapor H2O2
  • EcoSpin2 and Modulbloc with bottle sterilization by means of liquid Peracetic acid
  • Whitebloc with bottle sterilization by means of vaporized H2O2

All our Aseptic filling machines are able to reach the highest sterilization level (up to 6 Log reduction on B. atrophaeus).

Another solution to fill shelf stable beverages with no preservatives is Hot fill technology. In this case the container is sterilized by means of the high temperature of the filled product itself. To cool down at ambient temperature the bottles a cooling tunnel is used. Typically it is possible to fill with Hot Fill machines still products such as fruit juices, RTD teas, flavored waters etc.

ESL (Extended Shelf Life) filling lines are used to fill, at refrigerated temperature, thermally treated products in containers which have received a decontamination treatment, but both the treatments are softer than the ones used in the aseptic technology, and the final products, to be safe, have to be kept in cold chain. In ESL it is possible to fill High Acid (HA) or Low Acid (LA) products.