Cookie and biscuit production lines

We all take for granted that every packet or carton of cookies or biscuits that we open will contain perfectly baked and textured, tasty products. High quality products rely on high quality processing technologies. GEA offers a comprehensive range of dough-feeding systems, depositors, rotary molders, energy efficient tunnel ovens and downstream product handling systems that can be configured to process any recipe and handle any cookie and biscuit dough or mix. GEA technologies can be supplied for a complete new production line, integrated into a plant upgrade or installed to increase capacity.

Cookie production lines
Cookie production lines

GEA has developed processing technologies that give customers the flexibility to manufacture the most imaginative biscuits and cookies, and develop recipes and processes that will satisfy every demand and expectation. 

Our dough-feeding and rotary molding systems gently handle hard biscuit doughs. We can configure dough-feeding systems with pocket rollers, or with conveyors and rotary cutters, and when space is tight GEA experts can tailor compact systems without losing functionality. 

Hard sweet biscuits are manufactured on forming lines, which consist of a sheeter and a set of gauges. GEA technologies handle the dough gently through throughout the gauging process, to avoid stressing the dough sheet. The formed dough sheet is then passed to the rotary cutter, to obtain perfect biscuits of any shape.

Rotary molding equipment from GEA promises consistent product form and weight, for any processing throughput. Features including automatic belt tensioning and tool-free mold switchover reduce the need for manual tasks and speed changing between products. 

GEA understands that precise dough depositing is critical for making consistently high quality cookies and biscuits. We have developed a comprehensive range of biscuit-making systems that couple optimum speed with accuracy and versatility. Whether for plain or decorated smooth or wire cut cookies or filled biscuits, our technologies can process fluid, whipped or dense doughs, including mixes containing particulates such as chopped nuts, fruit or chocolate chips. GEA customers are assured of efficient processing at the highest capacity, combined with user-friendly operation and the flexibility to change quickly between products.  

GEA depositors all feature our individual lobe pump system (ILPS) technology, which ensures accurate dough weight across the entire working width of a conveyor, to maximize capacity and minimize waste.   

Our range of technologies includes sandwiching machines and automated biscuit-making systems that can deposit single or double colored doughs, with or without fillings. Accessories and options include moving heads and motorized rollers, guillotines and twisting outlets. Decorating rollers, glazing machines and dispensers for granular toppings give our customers the freedom to develop a wide range of products. User-friendly PLC interfaces make it simple to store and retrieve working parameters for different recipes.

State of the art ovens from GEA ensure perfectly textured and colored biscuits and cookies every time, whatever the recipe, dough or filling. Built on more than 100 years of experience in high capacity biscuit production, our ovens precisely and reliably control heat, pressure and moisture for faultless baking. 

Baked biscuits and cookies need gentle handling prior to packaging. GEA has developed dedicated systems that can convey, align and stack products accurately so that they can be transferred without damage onto automated loaders and wrapping systems. 

But we don’t just supply machines. Our process, technology and engineering experts work with each client to configure solutions that will match any requirement, guarantee top quality processing, and offer maximum investment value. 

GEA specialists install and test each machine and processing line to ensure that it demonstrates top notch operating efficiency, reliability, and processing quality from the first day it is switched on. And through our flexible service, upgrade and optimization packages, our customers can also be assured that every GEA technology will continue to do so for its entire lifespan.


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