Conventional Milking Farm

Side by Side Parlor – Global 90i, 2 x 16 Stalls for approx. 250 milking Cows.

This design incorporates the cow movement needs between housing and milking facility that is typical for a midsized herd. The H-Type style housing allows for group management while the concept keeps the cow logistic very simple. In the main cow transfer lane, cows can be guided for milking or from one group to the other. Thanks to the two return lanes in the SBS parlor, the automatic separation or sorting takes place in the crossover between milking building and barn. On the opposite side of the milking groups, the barn is designed to fit further areas.

Overview Farm

Conventional Farm Barn Overview

(1) Main Barn
(2) Milking Building
(3) Young and Heifer Barn
(4) Calf Barn
(5) Feed Bunker
(6) Feeding Components
(7) Dung Plate
(8) Manure Storage Silo

Overview Milking Building

Conventional Farm Milking Building

(1) Holding Area with Flush System
(2) Group Parlor SBS Global 90i, 2x16 Stalls
(3) Milk Tank Room, Plant Room, Office
(4) Return Lane with Sort Gate
(5) Separation
(6) Claw Health / Treatment
(7) Problem Cows
(8) Special Needs
(9) Fresh Cows

Overview Main Barn

Conventional Farm Main Barn

(1) High Milking Cows (125)
(2) Low Milking Cows (125)
(3) Dry Cows (50)
(4) Extra Group (16)
(5) Problem Cows (18)
(6) Main Cow Transfer Lane

Key Figures:

Herd Information
Milking Cows250
Dry Cows50
Calving/weekapprox. 6
YoungStock (female)285
Milking SystemSBS Global 90i, 2x16 Stalls
Feeding Systemconventional
Manure SystemAlley Scraper, Holding Area Flush System
Barn Sizes
Main Barn4070 m² / 115,30 m x 35,30 mm
Milking Building866 m² / 51,60 m x 14,50 m + 9,80 m x 12,00 m
Heifer Barn2070 m² / 67,20 m x 30,80 m
Forage Silo6000 m³ / 200 Feeding Days
Manure Storage7500 m³ / for 6 Month