Complete Milk Powder Plants

From raw milk to packed powder

Milk powder plants from GEA are in operation at dairy companies all over the world. Based on the latest in dairy technology, the plants are designed to ensure the most efficient operation in terms of overall equipment efficiency, energy and resource consumption while producing products of the highest quality in a safe environment. We supply the total solution: from process design and development, engineering, and technology to delivery, installation, and commissioning of the milk powder plant. And with the full set of process technologies and components in-house - ranging from the milk reception through standardization, evaporation and spray drying to powder handling and packing, and automation - we provide the complete plant.

Energy and operational efficiency

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Throughout the dairy industry there is a continued focus on improving the overall plant efficiency and reducing energy consumption. With our complete scope of supply, we take a truly holistic view on this, optimising across all unit operations to provide the best solution. We provide plants designed for 24/7 continuous operation by integrating additional evaporation and feed systems. This allows producers to take full benefit of the spray dryer’s production capacity. Gaining an additional 3-4 hours uptime every day, where the plant would normally be out of operation for cleaning has proved to improve the overall plant output by 15-20%.

Another key element is to minimise total product loss throughout the plant, and this is secured through innovative solutions for maximising product recovery, minimising emissions and ensuring efficient cleaning. Minimum energy consumption is obtained through design, advanced process monitoring and control, and the use of energy recovery systems.

Our plants are all designed for our clients’ specific purposes, matching the dairy industry standards and requirements, based on well-proven technology and incorporating the latest technology developments.

Our solutions are delivered by experts; dedicated teams specialised in executing large dairy projects are in place from the very beginning of the project. Not only does this ensure expertise in technology, it also ensures that the projects are delivered on time, meeting all KPIs. Our commitment does not end with the handover of the plant. A comprehensive service and plant upgrade programme is available to guarantee plant performance and the long life of the plant.


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