Cake production lines

GEA can tailor cake production lines to fit in with your existing plant. From paper cup denesters, mixers and depositors to ovens, injecting systems, depanners and packaging lines, we can offer customized, state-of-the-art technologies that will provide the capacity for processing new products, and for upgrading, optimizing and automating existing processes.

Cake production lines
Cake production lines

At the heart of any cake production line is the depositing process. We offer a range of compact and industrial-scale independent volumetric cylinder piston depositors that are highly precise and accurate, and can handle the most delicate or dense batters and mixes. Options and accessories including easy-change and dual-depositing heads, servo-motors, heated hoppers and cleaning-in-place systems make switching between products quick and easy, to minimize manual intervention and production down time.

Installing a depanner at the end of baking automates the process of gently turning out trays or picking products individually.

We also offer a leading portfolio of volumetric piston injectors that can fill products either vertically or horizontally, and models are available for any production scale or capacity.

And for that final touch, a GEA cake decorating system will make your products stand out from the crowd.

At the GEA Bakery Experience Center, our food expert food technologists partner with customers to improve existing recipes, develop new recipes and design and test production processes for new bakery goods, including niche products such as gluten-free or other allergy-specific lines.

GEA technologies are world-renowned for their reliability, robust and efficient operation.  We consult with the industry to design and develop highly versatile and configurable technologies that are sustainable, and minimize the use of valuable resources.  By choosing GEA technologies, our customers have the backing of world-class service engineers who will keep every item of GEA equipment working efficiently and effectively, throughout its lifespan.


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