The heart of the brewery beats in the brewhouse. Each stage in the production sequence decisively influences the quality of the beer, flavor stability and yield. Apart from the use of suitable individual units it is crucial that all processes are perfectly geared to one another.

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Perfectionists in the brewhouse

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A fact realized by GEA at a very early stage. The construction of fully combined brewhouses was the basis of our company’s success. Our strength derives from the fact that for each process stage in the brewhouse engineering and brewing technology are networked to your requirements so as to achieve the best possible overall results.

For GEA, the origin of great beers lies in small details: Understanding of connections and interactions. Appropriate evaluation of process steps. Taking a different approach. This is a reliable way to create customer-oriented, innovative solutions.

This is how we conserve resources and maximize quality — for the great beers of the world.

All brewhouse products and services are developed with a view to practical application, in close dialogue with our customers. This individual approach and the proximity to in-house production facilities ensure investment safety. We meet customer requirements with viable and affordable solutions — with no compromise on quality.


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