Special Bread lines

GEA offers a dedicated production line for processing baguette loaves filled with garlic sauce, or other sauces. We also offer a highly accurate extruding machines for rye bread doughs, which can be used to process other viscous or hard-to-handle mixes. Volumetric piston depositors from GEA are ideal for handling gluten free doughs. Our ovens, depanners, cooling and freezing solutions can be customized to provide reliable and robust downstream product handling and processing that ensures maximum productivity and efficiency, and the highest quality products.

Bread special lines
Bread special lines

Developed by GEA for producing garlic and other sauce-filled baguettes, our automated processing line for cutting and injecting baguettes uses a motorized saw to make  diagonal cuts into the baked loaves, which are then passed to an independent volumetric cylinder depositor that injects the cuts with the sauce. An automated loading robot can be integrated into the processing line upstream, to transfer baked baguettes from the cooling system onto the conveyor. After slicing and filling another robot transfers the baguettes to the conveyor leading to a packaging line.

GEA also shares its experience and know-how with customers to support new product development. At the Bakery Experience Center, GEA experts work with customers to improve existing recipes and develop new recipes. We can also test production processes for new products, including gluten-free or other restricted diet products.

GEA technologies are recognised around the world for their quality, reliability and efficient operation. With sustainability and resource efficiency in mind, we work with the bakery sector to design and optimize flexible technologies that will produce the highest quality products. And all GEA customers can rely on our engineers to maintain, optimize and upgrade their equipment so that it will continue to provide optimum productivity, efficiency and reliability for its entire lifespan.


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