Automated Milking Farm

2 Box MIone System for approx. 110 milking cows.

The design of the MIone farm for 110 milking cows focusses on a high level of automation in milking, feeding and manure treatment while managing the whole herd in one barn throughout all lactation phases. The milking center is positioned in a central area with all other functional areas located around to guarantee best workflows.

Overview Main Building

Automatic Milking Farm Main Building

(1) Dry Cows (20)
(2) Milking Cows (110)
(3) Waiting Area with MIone (2 Boxes)
(4) Short Time Separation Area (10)
(5) Long Time Separation (10)
(6) Straw Area (5)
(7) Milk Tank Room, Plant Room, Office
(8) Feed Preparation & Mixing Area

Key Figures

Herd Information
Milking Cows 100 (+10)
Dry Cows 20
Calving/week approx. 2
YoungStock (female) 96
Milking System 2 Box MIone
Feeding System Free Stall Feeder (semi automatic)
Manure System Alley Cable Scraper, Slotted Floor
Barn Sizes
AMS Barn 2145 m² / 110,00 m x 19,50 m
Heifer Barn 830 m² / 57,60 m x 14,40 m
Forage Silo 2000 m³ / 200 Feeding Days
Manure Storage 2800 m³ / for 6 Month