Solutions for Ketchup Manufacturing

GEA understands that ketchup producers must offer consistent, top quality products to satisfy consumer expectations, but also remain flexible to respond to changing markets.

GEA Ketchup

We have developed a complete range of components, technologies and integrated lines for ketchup manufacturing, so that our customers can have the versatility to develop and process new recipes, scale up and diversify. 

Ingredients handling and mixing

GEA High Shear Batch Mixer

GEA configures hygienic, reliable systems for handling both solid and liquid raw ingredients and transferring them to the mixing stage. Mixing is a key process that can affect the consistency and quality of high viscous products such as ketchup. The BATCH FORMULA® Mixer from GEA is ideally suited to ketchup processing and features an energy-efficient, high-shear device that maximizes product stability. The technology features a vacuum system that introduces liquids and powders below the liquid surface. This eliminates air incorporation and foaming, deaerates the premix and enables faster processing. Customers benefit from highly stable products, minimized product loss and faster return on investment. 


GEA offers both indirect and direct pasteurization systems, with capacities of up to 20,000 l/h. Our indirect pasteurization units feature easily installed modular VARITUBE® heat exchangers, which combine optimum functionality and productivity for pasteurizing any smooth or particulate product. Available in single, multiple, straight or corrugated configurations, GEA tubular heat exchangers are built for reliability. Some setups can run for several days continuously. And with no moving parts, they only require routine inspection and minimal maintenance. 

GEA also configures direct steam injection systems for pasteurizing tomato ketchup products. Benefits of the technology, which uses a direct steam injector to introduce steam into the product, include better color retention. Direct heating also means that the ketchup is held at high temperature for a shorter period of time.


GEA Homogenizer

GEA expertise spans both hot break and cold break processing for tomato ketchup. We configure hot break systems that carry out homogenization during pasteurization, and cold break units that exploit a high shear pump technology. GEA homogenizers are fitted with specifically designed high efficiency valves for optimized cell, fiber or crystal disruption in a single pass at the lowest possible pressure. They are used to change the particle structure of tomatoes to deliver a higher quality final product. For ketchup applications, the process can be used to improve the overall mouthfeel and taste, enhance the stability and shelf-life of the end product and, using the natural pectin properties of the tomato, increase its viscosity.


Our BATCH FORMULA® Mixer carries out premixing under vacuum, which means there is no need for a separate deaeration step. For systems that don’t carry out premixing under vacuum, we can offer a highly efficient, cost-effective deaerator that is ideally suited to high viscosity products. The system features feed flow from the bottom, and an aroma recovery system to ensure no loss of quality during the process.

Product Recovery

GEA Varicover Product Recovery

GEA has developed the VARICOVER® Product Recovery Systems to ensure minimal loss of product in piping systems. The technology reduces waste, prevents carry-over and improves plant efficiency, as well as allowing much faster cleaning.


Cleaning can impact significantly on the amount of time it takes to switch between products. All GEA equipment and components meet the most stringent hygiene requirements, which makes cleaning easier and minimizes the potential for contamination. We also offer integrated cleaning-in-place (CIP) plants that optimize water and detergent use, and reduce cleaning time. And by using our MIXPROOF valves, one process line can be cleaned while the other continues to run product through it, which saves even further on down time.


GEA Automation systems

At GEA we appreciate that every customer will have different automation requirements, so we can offer a wide range of systems and services that reduce manual tasks. Whether the requirement is for basic process control, or for an integrated, enterprise-network system, GEA can configure the optimum solution for monitoring and precisely controlling all stages of ketchup production, in every area of the plant. Customers can be confident of reproducible, reliable processing, optimized energy and resource use, and consistent, high quality products.


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