Complete systems for production of semi-hard and hard type cheeses

Complete processing from milk reception to the cheese production and packing

GEA has a long history in cheese production plants, including plants for production of semi-hard and hard type cheeses.

Complete and tailored solutions

We design and engineer custom-made cheese production systems, which meet all the specific demands of cheese dairies, for example:
• Raw milk reception
• Pasteurization and standardization of cream and milk for fat and protein percentage
• Curd making incl. ingredient handling
• Draining and molding systems
• Processing of whey
• Pressing systems
• Brining systems
• Surface treatment of natural ripened cheeses
• Slicing and packing of cheeses

More than technology

Our key products include a wide spectrum of innovative solutions for process automation and services that range from the provision of electronic process control up to integrated, company-wide network systems complete with the corresponding management information systems. For the MES level, we supply database-supported applications for quality assurance, increasing productivity and verification management.

On time, on budget

A project manager is dedicated to the project from the first quotation until the plant is in operation in accordance with our customer’s demands. We combine optimized systems with a scientifically approved, state-of-the-art technology. The parts we use, like valves, heat exchangers, MSR systems and automation, are selected independent of specific suppliers, which means that we always choose the parts that offer the best price-quality ratio or the parts that meet your wishes and installation standards.