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Video support designed to provide remote assistance in real-time

With the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations are now faced with travel restrictions and quarantine challenges, required to reduce direct contact between employees and service providers.

GEA Remote Support is aimed at offering you GEA expert assistance without risking to spread the virus and putting peoples life at risk.

Real-time streaming with our GEA experts

GEA Remote Support is a service that provides real-time streaming with our GEA experts. You can easily locate yourself in the production site and use a commercially available mobile device to stream real-time and resolve an issue with the help of our GEA experts. You just need a mobile device with internet access. With a simple connection through email or SMS, you will be able to have video conversations, send high-resolution pictures to each other, send descriptions/instructions via a chat function, and annotate live during the conversation.
Our local offices can offer you GEA Remote Support with immediate effect.

Recognize your benefits:

• Easy to setup – no need to install separate application
• Fast communication and support with no physical contact
• Bi-directional streaming of information

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