Top-class training for your employees

Our certified and experienced service engineers will train your employees – either on site or in one of our modern training centers – to service the machines and maintain an efficient process flow, with constantly high throughput and product yield.

The training modules are tailored to the individual needs of your business and are designed to equip your operators with the knowledge they need to achieve a high level of added value.  

Training for GEA compressors

Many years ago, GEA intensified its commitment in the area of customer training about commercial GEA compressors.

In North America:

Two courses are currently offered – Standard Screw Compressor Startup Training for Contractors and Screw Compressors, Controls, and Communications Training for Customers. Please see below for detailed information.

Training Information for Workshops (North America)

GEA Customer Training: Screw Compressors, Controls & Communications
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GEA Contractor Training: Standard Screw Compressor Startup
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In Germany:

From two-day practitioners' workshops in Frickenhausen (near Stuttgart, Germany) to afterwork workshops throughout Germany. The trainings are characterized by a strong practice orientation. Requirement for the trainings: Apprenticeship as a manufacturer of refrigerating plants, Mechatronics Engineer or professions with a comparable apprenticeship that enables you to assemble, install, service and repair refrigerating plants.

Moreover, GEA also offers trainings about the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2). In many fields of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, CO2 as a natural refrigerant has won recognition in the last few years. This development was mainly driven by the growing environmental awareness in numerous markets. Crucial for CO2 (R744) in comparison to other natural refrigerants is the fact that CO2 is not only an environmentally-friendly refrigerant for supermarkets. Also in security matters, concerning the handling with significantly higher pressures, it is superior to other solutions.

Nowadays, transcritical CO2 systems are not widespread yet and many companies lack practical experience. Therefore GEA put a fully functional-transcritical CO2 supermarket booster system into operation in its training centre in Frickenhausen, Germany to make the workshops a "hands-on" experience.

Training Dates (Germany)

Training Dates 2018 

(will follow soon) 


Please note: this event is a product-related training. Therefore it is no substitute for the professional qualification that is required for any work on air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Benefits for you

  • Optimal equipment efficiency
  • High machine availability and reliability
  • Highly-qualified personnel
  • Efficiently-trained personnel 
  • Asset health awareness 
  • Motivation