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Predictive Maintenance

Bringing more insight and performance to you

Our predictive maintenance tools will improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your equipment and plant, and help to extend machine lifetime and improve overall output.

The ability to predict puts you in control

Predictive maintenance from GEA monitors the operation and performance of defined equipment in your plant. Combining this information with the experience of the GEA technicians, allows you to optimize your maintenance activities and related costs.

Bringing more insight and performance to you

With our GEA PerformancePlus (available for selected products) we can support you in developing a reliability-centered maintenance program (RCM program). This will help you identify the optimum levels of maintenance for your equipment and plant. GEA PerformancePlus visualizes a clear health check of each machine. It uses data analytics and simulation models to build up a digital map of your plant allowing you to pick out the abnormal from the normal and take action when it is required. Limiting intervention in this way, minimizes maintenance costs and down time, while ensuring that the plant runs at optimum output at all times.

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