Membrane Filtration - Pilot Plants Pilot Testing and Application Development

Membrane Filtration: Pilot Plant Testing in Hudson, Wisconson, USA

Small to medium scale pilot plant testing capability to support any of the GEA standard membrane filtration pilot plants. This North American facility can support the full range of cross-flow membrane filtration solutions across all of the served markets. Also acts as the technology center for the GEA global filtration business.

Membrane Filtration Pilot Plants in Any Size and Configuration

Replacement membranes
Replacement membranes

Modular pilot plants are configured for standard operation or custom configurations as required.

Most pilot plants are mobile so that it is also possible to perform tests in-house or at our customers' premises. Test capacities range from a few liters to several hundreds of liters.

The following pilot plants are available for testing:

  • Model L
  • Model M
  • Model T
  • Model R
  • Model C
  • Model G
  • Model U

Membrane and module configurations include:

  • Spiral-wound
  • Ceramic
  • Polymeric tubular
  • Sintered stainless steel tubular
  • Plate and Frame

Pilot plant services include:

  • Feasibility testing
  • Product development
  • Product sample generation
  • Process development and optimization
  • Data acquisition
  • Scalability analysis
  • Simulation modeling