Sugar Dissolving Station

Our station is a functionally tested unit for dissolving granulated sugar in a batch process. The system enables up to 25% cost savings compared with the use of liquid sugar.

Less costs, less space

The dissolving station from GEA can handle a truck load of granulated sugar (approximately 25.000kg) in a single batch process. As the granulated sugar is fed directly from the truck into the sugar dissolver no intermediate storage is necessary.


The dissolving water is heated in a tubular heat exchanger and supplied to the dissolving tank. At the same time it absorbs the sugar dust produced during filling so that no dust can escape into the ambient environment.

A powerful agitator and the circulation of the sugar solution ensure efficient dissolving. The dissolved and unpasteurized sugar is made available for processing by the customer via a filter station. To ensure a continuous output of liquid sugar, the filter station works in tandem mode.

The sugar dissolving station can be integrated into the overall plant concept. It is equipped with an independent control system for automatic operation. The station can be cleaned by a CIP system.

Performance features

  • Sugar dissolving in a batch process
  • Completely pre-assembled unit
    including control system
  • Can be integrated in the overall
  • CIP-able
  • Dissolves up to 25,000 kg of sugar per batch
  • Yields approx. 38,000 kg of sugar syrup
  • Cycle duration of a batch: 4 hours
  • Up to 25 percent cost savings (basis: 65 °Brix, 30 °C)



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