Product series SPRAYEYE® Compact Camera


A simple, compact, hygienically-designed, digital camera for remote process monitoring inside dairy powder processing equipment.

Live process insight without contamination

The SPRAYEYE® Compact Camera provides a convenient way to ‘see’ what is going on inside the process or in a process area without leaving the control room and without risk of contamination.

This is useful for checking the process for fluidization, blockages, etc. during production and startup – as well as for checking the equipment inside after CIP.

Based on known technology, and many years of experience in spray drying, these cameras are suitable for a dark, hot and dusty environments and hygienically
designed according to EN 1672-2 standard guidelines.

Modern digital technology inside provides easy access to the video stream from anywhere and includes a scheduled snapshot feature for historical reference.

Compact Camera


•    Live insight into the process during production
•    For inspection after CIP/drying
•    No need to open equipment = no contamination
•    No need to leave the control room or office


•    Compact, hygienic design
•    Simple to use and easy to install
•    CIP resistant
•    Built-in light & purge air
•    Cooling air – automatically controlled


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