Sloped Screen Separator - 4ft X 4ft

Use gravity to separate very liquid manure with low solids content.

An excellent tool for liquid recycling, fiber reclamation or limiting amount of fresh water required.

Key Features

Sloped Screen Separator - 4ft X 4ft
  • 4ft X 4ft (122 X 122 cm) stainless steel screen separator.
  • Efficient screen design, whose opening sizes were carefully dimensioned, in order to produce a great quality of recycled liquid.
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Process daily manure output of 60 to 90 cows per hour.
  • Can be combined with a XPress – Cascading Roller Press System for further reduction of the moisture content in the solids.
  • Simple design, no moving parts, low maintenance and minimal wear and tear.

Functional Description

The Slopes Screen Separator is normally installed on a platform raised above a concrete dry pad. The flush liquid enters through a center mid-level intake that breaks the liquid velocity into an even smooth flow across the top screen panel.

The liquid then gravity flows over hundreds of horizontal openings which progressively enlarged from top to bottom in order to retain as much as possible fiber on the screen. 

The screened liquid is rejected through a 6" (152 mm) gravity discharge while fiber slides off to be stacked on the concrete pad underneath.

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