Slicing Loader - GEA HorizontalBuffer


The horizontal buffer has been designed to accumulate portions and to load them automatically onto a following processing system running either continuously or batching. The horizontal buffer allows a compensation of the product re-loading time in the slicer. Especially used for loading a horizontal flow wrapper.

GEA HorizontalBuffer

Working principle

After portions arrive from a slicer, the portions arrive onto the vertical distributor which directs them towards the buffer level that is empty and they are accumulated on this level. 

If no accumulation is possible (belts having a full or unloading status), a signal is given to cause a cutting stop of the slicer. At the out-feed end of the machine a second vertical distributor takes over the portions from the 3 levels to give them along to the loading conveyor which synchronizes its loading speed to the needs of the next system to be loaded upon. Incorrect portions are rejected on the upper correction conveyor for manual correction.

  • Correction lane available in options
  • max. usable width of 400mm
  • buffer length of 2500mm
  • line correction and stop stations available as option
  • additional flip flop for rejection available


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