Slicing Loader - GEA FlexLoader

GEA FlexLoader

The GEA FlexLoader for fully automated loading of sliced portions and minced meat into thermoformers and traysealers provides outstanding flexibility at a moderate investment, quickly changed over to accommodate various formats for the packging machine.

Fully automatic loading of pieces and sliced portions

Working principle

The GEA FlexLoader is feeded with the sliced portions from a slicer for example. With the rejection of the feeding belt the die set is formed on the loading belt. After the aligning the portions are placed into the thermoformer.

  • Precise loading of thermoformer
  • Overlapping in many ways possible
  • Different formats are easy to create 


Fully automatic loading of pieces and sliced portions into packaging machines (thermoformer, traysealer, flow wrapper) 

- Overlapping or stacking of single products to portion possible. Highest flexibility - Easy change of format configuration just by changing the machine program - High  positioning accuracy by intelligent distance measurement in combination with servo drives - Hygienic stainless steel construction for wash down cleaning - Fast and easy belt excange without tools due to pneumatic tensioning - Mirrored machine setup possible

  • Fully automatic loading
  • Overlapping or stacking
  • Highest flexibility
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Fast and easy belt excange

Many different portion patterns can be made with GEA FlexLoader


Because of its small footprint the GEA FlexLoader fits well into a wide variety of line configurations. Flexibility is also given with different portion patterns that can be made with the FlexLoader, e.g. same distances of portions, grouping, shingle (forwards and backwards), uneven and straight stack, lateral grouping and lateral shingling. 

  • GEA FlexLoader covers many different line configurations
  • Many different portion patterns can be made with GEA FlexLoader
  • Left-hand version and right-hand version available 


Easy and quick belt removal without tools. Hygiene design according: ANSI/NSF/3 – A14159-1 –2000 DIN EN 1672-2 - 1997 Sloped surfaces for draining, good accessibility for cleaning of all components. Special cleaning mode for easy sanitation.

  • Sloped surfaces for draining
  • Good accessibility for cleaning of all components
  • Special cleaning mode
  • Hygiene screws 


  • Control of the GEA FlexLoader via own panel. 
  • Intuitive software
  • Touchscreen to choose or change programs


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