Self-locking Feed Fences

Optimal ease of operation

The focus is on calm processes in feeding. A clean and problem-free access to feed and the possibility to separate individual animals to check or treat them after milking where necessary are important aspects of feeding.

Twist & Lock Self-locking Safety Feed Fence

Self Locking Feed Fence
  • Animal-friendly: ergonomic unobstructed design
  • Better animal separation: holding of individual animals using a rotary knob
  • Long service life: bronze bearings
  • Simple installation and maintenance: thanks to modular structure

Classic Self-locking Feed Fence

  • Classic version: robust, spacious, low-noise
  • Comfortable operation: can be centrally controlled from up to 40 m
  • Individual feeding: individual unlocking at each feeding place

HD Pro Headlocks

HD Pro Headlocks are the headlocks of choice to some of the largest dairies in the world. They have been built and installed for over 10 years. HD Pro Headlocks feature the latest design improvement to further increase the efficiency of safely handling cattle, while creating less stress on the animals. They also improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations such as breeding, vaccination, and many other herd management tasks.

  • Swing arm support – one piece swing arm support
  • Positive locking system – new flapper guard design for better performance.
  • Cow friendly design – 17” wide opening allows for easy entrance. 
  • HD Pro Headlock models – 11 models, with various lengths and number of locks to accommodate any animal size


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