Scraper - Deep Groove System

Designed to allow liquid to naturally drain out of manure by a deeper groove.

The deep Groove Scraper has been designed for alleys with a groove ranging from 4’’ (102 mm) to 10’’ (254 mm) deep. When using this scraper, the alley must be sloped towards the center. This allows the liquid to naturally drain out of the manure. The integrated toggling flat bar pushes solids contained into the groove towards the cross gutter.

  • Keeps the alley drier because the liquid drains into the groove while the scraper is performing its cleaning stroke.
  • This toggling flat bar is optional on the 16°, V-Shape and Straight scraper draw bars using steel or urethane blades.
  • Built with heavy-duty steel for a long life span.
  • The steel flat bar flips up on the return stroke in order to clear the channel bottom and avoid bringing material back.
  • Can be installed with steel cable or Dyneema® rope.

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