Rotary Parlor AutoRotor Global 90

With the AutoRotor Global 90 rotary milking parlor, you can benefit from higher throughput, effective working processes and greater comfort.

A rotary milking parlor is the most efficient solution for your farm. It significantly increases throughput and yield in dairies. The milking process is also very gentle and stress-free for the cows. Which in turn means they produce high-quality milk. As a Total Solutions provider in the agricultural industry, we are proud to present the AutoRotor Global 90 – a rotary milking parlor with low investment costs and a simple installation process.

An overview of the Global 90 rotary milking parlor:

  • Simple installation and low acquisition costs
  • Available in various sizes
  • Low maintenance expenditure due to high-quality materials and durable technology
  • Increased comfort for the cow
  • Intelligent hose placement and milking cluster positioning for fast stripping

The AutoRotor Global 90 increases throughput and yield

The AutoRotor Global 90 rotary milking parlor optimizes throughput in your dairy.

  • Its rotating platform turns slowly and quietly on its own axis. 
  • The animals are led into their milking stalls individually and automatically. 
  • After milking, they can leave the parlor again. 

The continuous movement means that you can milk more cows per hour with a rotary milking parlor than with other parlor systems. The AutoRotor Global 90 also reduces the workload of the milker and increases profits.

Stress-free operation and gentle milking with an animal-friendly design

The milking process is particularly comfortable for the cow with the AutoRotor Global 90. Even moving the cows into the parlor is calm and stress-free. The milking stalls themselves are designed so that the cows have sufficient space and a good view of their environment and neighbors. The non-slip floor and rounded bars prevent the cows from being injured in the milking parlor.

The open design and flexible milking cluster positioning makes the whole system very ergonomic

The innovative PosiGuide milking arm from GEA also increases the comfort of the cows during milking. It holds the milking cluster in position under the udder and releases the teats. The result is excellent udder health and happier cows. The flexible arm also makes it much easier to attach the milking cluster. The AutoRotor Global 90 rotary milking parlor has a particularly open design to help the milker. All of the important operational elements are at a comfortable working height and can be reached easily. This means that your staff members always have the milking process under control and can intervene quickly in emergencies.

Guaranteed reliability: durable materials and robust quality

As an agricultural systems provider, GEA always uses high-quality materials to ensure its products are reliable. Durable, rust-proof stainless steel is not sensitive to moisture and dirt, makes cleaning easier and improves hygiene in the milking parlor. The drive of the rotary milking parlor is also made to meet the highest requirements, so it is low-maintenance and runs incredibly quietly. The hoses are also laid out to ensure a smooth milking process and high milk yield in a very short time. The AutoRotor Global 90 rotary milking parlor fits perfectly into your existing system and can be expanded with additional components as part of the Total Solutions strategy.

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